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"ShoutOut", the West Country's magazine programme for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied communities, has been broadcasting for five years on community and internet radio services. In urban Bristol, we enjoy a repeat late at night on BCFM (93.2 FM). We cover a great many topics on the programme, but thought that it might be nice to explore some of the issues in a more discursive and in depth way. Hence, "After Dark", which we plan will go out about four times a year on this midnight slot and online, of course.

The name is an homage to a strand of late night discussion programming which went out on Channel Four in its most radical early days, and which has earned itself a place in broadcasting history: Whilst we can never match the famous names or infamous controversy of our namesake, ShoutOut hopes that we can explore issues affecting the LGBTA communities in greater depth, to compliment what we do on the lively and fun main programme.

We plan discussions on issues like fetish and gay men, the fault lines within feminism on transgender identity, and the place of Pride in contemporary gay life. We always welcome ideas for future discussions, and if you would like to participate in a discussion, then please do drop us a line. After Dark - LGBT life in depth, in focus.

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